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Welcome to our website celebrating the novel, Shattered, by Eric Walters.  You are invited to nagivate this site for pre-reading, during reading and after reading activities.  Enjoy!

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You see those shards of glass?  Do you think you can put them together again?  Do you think anything or anybody can make it whole again?
~ Jacques (Sarge)

This video is the trailer from the movie Shake Hands with the Devil.  It is based on the true story of General Romeo Dallaire, the Canadian Commander of UN forces during the Rwanda genocide.  It provides a useful preview to themes in the novel.

Our first pre-reading video on the streets of Ottawa, from Invisible People TV. Check out more websites and videos on our Resources page.

Shattered means violently broken into pieces; to be smashed apart.  Fragile things (delicate, like glass) can be  shattered easily.  It is difficult to put the pieces back together.

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